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Legal Issues

Legal services, notary services

Starting a company, opening a bank account,

We provide company establishment services at all levels, so you can avoid all bureaucratic procedures and start business activities.

We provide advanced business solutions, advice on the company’s structures relevant to the type of business and appropriate requirements with official entities that you will need to interact within the framework of the business and paperwork process.

When preparing the required documents, we provide all notary services including notary certification, document translation, apostille stamps and more.

If you need to open a bank account for your company, we will be happy to help find the best solution for you.

Agreements and Contracts

Starting a business or moving a business to a new place requires professional legal advice, which includes evaluating your unique structure and preparing the business agreement (customer relations, legal conditions and conditions, privacy rights, and so on).

We provide the preparation and management services of the contracts, from drafting the contract and checking the existing contract to drafting an updated contract (proofreading the entirety, emphasis on rules, dates, time frames and so on).

We work with employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, terms and conditions for websites, service agreements and other types depending on the needs of your business.

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